Honest Recipes for Lazy Young Adults



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100 grams chicken breast

2 tbsp Chakrika Coorg Chicken Masala

1 tsp coconut oil

Take your chicken breast, cut it into long strips and make cuts into it (like how you see mangoes in ads). Then generously rub the chicken with the masala. Do it like how you would apply moisturiser to your body. Rub it in so the meat absorbs it well and the entire chicken looks like it’s gotten a great tan.

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Masala Rubs are key

Heat up coconut oil on saucepan, until it gets a little smoky and you’re scared that you’ve done something horribly wrong. (Ok confession: I actually forgot about the coconut oil in the saucepan and then had a mini panic attack) Wave your hand over the pan, y’know just to show that it was ACTUALLY part of the plan. Then place the chicken on it. You’ll hear a sizzling noise – soooo goood. Let the chicken sizzle away, turning it after about 2 minutes and then leave it for another minute.

When you take it off the pan, it should have a crunchy feel, like as if it’s been grilled. You know, like those crispy bits on kababs. If you press it with your spatula it should be a little bouncy. Don’t worry, the residual heat will cook it through and make sure your chicken isn’t too dried out and chewy.



3 bottle caps full soy sauce

Literally just a pinch of sugar

8-9 pieces of garlic

1/4th chicken stock cube in water

So when I say pieces of garlic, I mean you have to peel the little pods of garlic. Quickest & easiest way to do this is to slice it, splitting it in half and the peel comes off and you don’t have to do any extra cutting.

Use the same saucepan that you used to cook the chicken because

A) It intensifies the chicken and spicy masala flavour

B) Fewer utensils to wash once you’re done

Add the soy sauce, sugar and garlic and keep stirring on high heat until it starts to get sticky. Like so sticky and reduced down that you think OMG I’ve messed up, and there’s not going to be enough sauce for all that chicken.

But haha! That’s why you have the chicken stock broth. Ok if you didn’t understand how to make that yet, just grate 1/4th of a cube of chicken stock into a like 5 tbsp of water and stir. Don’t add too much, it’ll get too salty. Just like your ex haha (ok sorry don’t cry)

Then you add the chicken stock broth to it and stir some more. Keep it on the flame until you have a nice sticky sauce, that’s a little liquidy too. How do I better describe this? When you scoop it and let it drip, it should fall down like saliva from Venom’s mouth. Don’t say ewww and all. THE IMAGERY WORKS OK. Also, you can add some pepper if you find it too salty.

Add the chicken you had been resting and do a quick 1 minute stir fry to let it get all over that chicken. Like you dipping a marshmallow into a chocolate fountain and rotating & rotating it until it’s just chocolate and the marshmallow has disappeared. Like until the chocolate foundation guy aggressively steps in to make you stop. Like that.


Ya need some greens in life ok, it’s good for you. It has Vitamins and all that jazz, and in the summer, the water content in these babies will rehydrate you like wow types. You can make this while the soy sauce is cooking. Why? Because if you make it after, then your chicken will get cold. Or you’ll be more tempted to ditch the salad. DON’T DITCH THE SALAD.

Iceberg Lettuce 10 leaves (about 100 grams)

Half a bell pepper (yellow/red)

1 cucumber

A handful of corn. Don’t ask me What if my hands are big/small. Just grab a fistful of corn pellets.


We use the same saucepan. OMG THAT FLAVOUR INTENSITY.

So I added a little bit of water to the pan in which I cooked the chicken, and then boiled the corn in it so it absorbs the yum chicken and soy flavour. It gets plump and sticky and you can help yourself to some while it cooks. You know, to taste. 😉

Chop up the rest and just mix it together. You can add some salt, I like to add salad seasoning and toss it all together.

Then arrange it on a nice plate, with the chicken on top so you can send it to your parents and reassure them that you are indeed, an adult now.

And of course, make your tummy happy 😀

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional chef – my techniques may be seriously flawed, but I’ve been cooking for myself for a while now and this is based on just having fun in the kitchen and trying to recreate some MasterChef moments. TRYING


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