One-of-a-Kind Dishes To Try at Food Street, VV Puram, Bengaluru


What is it?

Food Street is a popular food street hotspot in VV Puram, Bengaluru – here is the exact location. It’s about 100 metres of one street that has food stalls on either sides that sell a variety of unique, lip-smacking dishes. I looked up this list from LBB for a guide on what to try and picked 5 of the most interesting ones since it was just 2 of us and we wouldn’t be able to eat too much

Food street, VV vPuram

What we tried:

Khara Congress Bun: This is available at VB Bakery. A light bun filled with a buttery mix of spices & peanuts. Quite interesting and they have a ton of other stuffed bun options too (I think it cost Rs 15-30 per bun). I was SOOOO curious about the name – apparently it’s named after the 1969 incident when the Congress party split into 2 groups (just like how peanuts are always split into two) hehee

Khara Congress Buns at VB Bakery

99 dosas:

This stall is near the start of the food street and it has soooo many interesting options like schezwan pizza, paneer pizza etc. We picked the pizza dosa and it was very nice!! Light, thin and topped with mayo, cheese, veggies & hot sauce (Tbh any dosa is awesome heheh) – it’s quite filling though for 2 people. (I think it was Rs 80)

Pizza dosa

Kathi rolls: This stall had multiple kathi roll options like chilly paneer, paneer manchurian, gobi manchurian etc. The lists we saw recommended gobi manchurian which was served in a hot kathi roll with some mayo & onions. interesting concept but the only downside was that it took FOREVER to get the roll as it was quite crowded (even though it was a weekday) – It cost about Rs 80 I think, 

Gobi Manchurian Roll

Rasgulla chaat: I was most excited to try this and I got the most confused by it. It’s almost like dahi bhalla but when you bite into it you get the sweet sugar syrup that the rasgulla was soaked in. I’d have preferred there to be less sugar syrup but others wanted it sweeter – but nonetheless, you should definitely try it for a new experience (cost Rs 80)

Rasgulla Chaat

Pista ice cream: this was from an icecream shop opposite the dosa place – it had a wide variety of sundaes available (the cotton Candy sundae looked sooooo good) but we were too full for it, so just got a scoop of pista icecream. It was quite nice, reminded me of the icecreams we used to get at fairs & exhibitions: cost Rs 60.

Pista Ice cream

Side note: Also got a masala soda but it had tooooo much salt at the bottom and so I haven’t included it in the list of must-eat 🙊🙊 I would recommend stirring it properlyyyy if you really want to try it out

Things to keep in mind:

  • Every place accepts digital payment (PayTM, GooglePay, UPI) so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash – it’s very convenient 
  • Preferably go on a weekday evening. We went on a Monday evening and it was still a bit crowded, so I would imagine that the weekend would be insaaane
  • Keep an eye on your belongings – it felt really safe, but in the crowd and in the time that you need both hands for eating, there is a possibility of theft so keep an eye out.
  • Carry a hand sanitiser and a bottle of water – the sanitiser helps keep your hands clean between meals and the water will keep you hydrated on hot summer evenings
  • They have a whole section dedicated to regional Karnataka food like ragi mudde etc which you definitely must try (but we were too full to) 
  • Go in a bigger group so you can try more food 😬 

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