My Go-To Paneer Manchurian Chilli Recipe

My go-to recipe whenever I’m craving a quick Chinese dish. Tangy, spicy, gooey – it’s a no-fail dish!

Easy Peasy Bacon Spaghetti

Ok so continuing our fun series on easy recipes for lazy people – this one is for when you want to impress someone with your skills. It takes a *little* more time than the others, but hey, it has bacon so it is always a win-win Things you’ll need: 1 onion 3 or infinity strips…

Planning a Budget Trip to Bhutan That’ll Cost You Less Than an iPhone 6S

After Vietnam & Cambodia last year, this year I decided to pick Bhutan as my annual save-for-the-whole-year-to-afford-it travel destination Why Bhutan? Bhutan is a lot more affordable than a place like Vietnam, just in terms of getting there. If you’re living in West Bengal/Assam it’s like travelling to a neighbouring city. Indians don’t need a…

5 Dumb Things We Did In Vietnam

From getting duped by an old woman to staying away from dough balls for life, here’s what you should NOT do on a trip abroad