How To Make Fresh Ghee & Butter At Home

We’ve always made ghee at home, so when I moved out and started living on my own I was SHOOK that ghee was so expensive – to the point where I stopped buying ghee because I felt it was a luxury. Sharing this video to show how simple it is to make ghee at home, just using the byproducts of milk. Save $$$ and get all that delicious ghee in your tummy – coz trust me, homemade ghee hits different. 

Text instructions:

  1. Once you boil milk and it cools down, a creamy layer is formed on top. (side note: nerdy food science fact: It was from this The Hindu article that I learnt that when milk is heated, the fat which is lighter than water gets collected on the surface along with certain protein in the form of the creamy layer.)
  2. The creamy layer thickens as the milk gets cooler and this is when you have to carefully skim it off the top layer and place it in a container that you can keep in the freezer
  3. It’s important to freeze it as this process usually goes on for about 2 weeks, and the freezing temp ensures the cream doesn’t get spoilt
  4. We usually consume 1.5 litres of milk daily, so yes – takes about 10-14 days for a significant amount of cream to be collected
  5. Once the container is full, take it out of the freezer and let it come to room temperature – the softer it is, the easier it is for it to get creamy & whipped.
  6. Place it in a blender/mixie and use the ‘pulse’ option at 5 second intervals. Don’t blend it at high speed continuously as it would cause it to break into tiny powdery clumps (you don’t want that, you want it to be nice and creamy)
  7. Take it out of the blender and then place it in a deep bottomed bowl and keep stirring it until the excess whey gets separated from the fat.
  8. Keep ‘washing’ the lump of butter and combining it into a ball, until the water runs clear and you’re left with – basically butter!
  9. If you want, you can stop here – but if you want to go ahead with making ghee, heat the butter in a pan and keep stirring on high heat until it melts
  10. You want to make sure that you keep a close eye on it, otherwise it could burn. When it reaches the golden-brown colour, switch off the heat and strain it into a bowl and let it cool – it should solidify within a few hours.

That’s it! It’s super easy to make ghee at home and compared to store-bought ghee, it is so much thicker and has a lovely caramel undertone that elevates any dish you make. ALSO YOU SAVE SO MUCH MONEY! Enjoiiii!


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  1. Iva says:

    This is exactly how my maa makes it. Hehe! ❤
    You explained it so well. Thankyouu!


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