Simple & Yum Spinach Garlic Stir Fry – Honest Recipes For The Lazy

So my fitness coach put me on an all-veg diet for a week and I thought it was going to be an insane struggle. But I found this amazing recipe for a light, flavourful & wholesome spinach stir fry that has me excited every single morning.

Spinach Garlic Stir Fry

Things you need:

50 gms Spinach (about 15-20 leaves)

Half a red bell pepper

A handful of corn

3 mushrooms (optional)

1 tsp coconut oil

5 cloves of garlic

1 saucepan

Salt to taste

How to Prep:

  1. Start by washing your spinach leaves THOROUGHLY. They are likely to be filled with dust. When I washed mine, the water turned a deep brown colour, so yeah wash it well. Dry them (I do so by flapping it around to the tune of Magic’s ‘Kiss Me’)
Spinach So Pretty – chop off those roots tho

2. Then lay the leaves one on top of the other & roll it up – like how you’ve seen people roll paper and other stuff.

3. Take your cigar-looking roll of spinach and slice it. Your cut up spinach should look like long green ribbons. You can cut them smaller also if you like, but I like the idea of eating spinach noodles so I leave them be.

See what I mean about Spinach Ribbons?

4. While your corn is boiling, chop up your red bell peppers into square pieces. It’s fun to contrast it with the long strips of spinach.

Bell peppers are my food essentails

5. Take 5 cloves of garlic, remove the skin by slicing down the middle. You don’t need to chop it up, just halves would do. Mainly because I’m too lazy to chop it up hehe.

Cook-Off Show-Off:

  1. Heat up your coconut oil in the same saucepan (without the corn) and add your garlic halves.
  2. You’ll get this BEAUTIFUL aroma as your garlic starts to turn golden brown. I LOVE this moment because it reminds me of home, particularly the Kerala fish curry my mother makes.
  3. While you inhale & enjoy, add the spinach & bell peppers to it. You don’t need to cook for long as the spinach instantly turns a darker shade of green and sort of wilts.
  4. This is the moment I like to pretend I’m a high-fi chef and attempt to shake my saucepan to mimic the stir fry action. The sizzling sound adds to the drama (:
  5. I’d say cook it for a minute MAXIMUM because you don’t want all those core nutrients getting cooked out.
  6. Garnish with your roasted corn on top & serve with toasted bread.
Oh ma god all that veggie goodness!

Simple & oh-so-delicious. This reminds me of a spinach dish I had at a restaurant called Chew in Connaught Place, New Delhi.  

And breakfast is served 🙂

The buttery garlic & crispy red bell peppers mask the usual bitter taste of spinach & in fact elevate that nice herby taste of it. I love having this for breakfast – it’s light, flavourful & wholesome and takes just 10 minutes tops – even with all the dancing to fun music.



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