Tips for Growing Out a Shaved Head & Other FAQs

Shaving my head was great fun. But growing it back? Not so much. 

When I shaved my head two years ago, it was an exhilarating experience. Of all the experimental things I had done with my hair, this was by far the most ‘out there’. But what no one ever talks to you about, is the pain of growing it back. Let me take you through the cycle of joy, despair and weirdly, confidence, because you realise that while *time* will make it look normal again, you might as well own it. 

Month 1: 

When you first shave your head, it’s a GREAT feeling. Your head is *so* smooth and head massages feel extra soothing. It’s also for the first time that you feel like you’re living out a hair oil ad because “look at how the oil nourishes deep into the root”. Yes, you can actually see it because honestly, there is not much else to see.

As your hair starts forming a stubble, its interesting to see how that one grey hair somehow grows faster and tends to stick out. This is probably because its texture is different from that of the other hair but hey, how are you going to comb over & hide it? Let it grow tall & showcase your *non-existent* wisdom.

And as your hair grows out bit by bit, it will look like you’re a bit deranged, just because it grows all over the place. I tried wigs & scarves until a really cool person at work told me I should just let my head shine. And it was scary, but I did. And it wasn’t so bad after that 🙂 But hold on, things are getting better

Month 3:

Next is this phase, which is the coolest phase ever: The pixie cut

It is the stuff of dreams, and you can look really cool look with zero effort. All you have to do is just tug at the pokey bites at the front, make it settle down and you will look like Halle Berry/Mandira Bedi (in your head atleast) Will definitely revert to this someday.

As your hair grows out, I know you might be tempted to not get a trim because you want to just let it grooooooow. But oh bb, u r so wrong.

A trim will save you from looking like one of the Beatles, or worse, Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber. Prime example below:

Tips for a trim:

  1. Firmly ask for a trim at the nape of your neck but keep the front hair long
  2. Ask for a good ‘shape’ to the hair, might need to use the words ‘boy cut’ for better understanding
  3. Keep your fake hahahas ready for the ‘aaj kal ke ladkiyaanke fashunnn’ comments because the person, if pissed off, can do some irreparable damage to your hair frame
  4. Don’t be afraid of trimming the bottom and keeping it close cropped, particularly if you are keen on growing your hair out. Trust me, you’ll end up with a mullet otherwise

Now comes to the most difficult part – the unintentional mullet

No matter how hard you try, how many careful trims you get – this part is unavoidable. If you’re lucky, it’ll last for only about 2 weeks I guess? Which you can pass by using a lot of headbands & hair accessories. Or you can start a fun game of #HairTwins and guess what, you will find a lot more in common with male celebs!

Otherwise, if you’re like me, you’ll get a REALLY bad trim (of which I have destroyed all photo evidence), get convinced by the hair stylist that you look “edgy” and just really give up on any styling because remember the golden rule “hair always grows back”



  1. Did your hair grow back thicker?
    I don’t think so. It is healthier because it hasn’t been dyed in anyway but thickness seems to be the same
  2. Did your hair grow back rougher? 
    Not at all. It’s the exact same thickness and texture I had before I shaved my head so fail experiment
  3. Did you hair grow back a different colour? 
    No, I always assumed my hair was lightish brown because I had *once* applied mehendi to it in school, and was fervently hoping for jet black hair to grow back. But I was sadly disappointed. Oh well.
  4. Do you regret any of it?
    I kind of did during winter because it was super cold and my hair didn’t offer any protection. But it was fun watching it grow
  5. Will you do it again?
    Not in the near future (unless stress-induced hair loss gets to me first, haha) But it was nice knowing what it would feel like without hair and in case I ever lose it out of choice, I won’t be as scared 🙂

Eventually you’ll reach the better phase where your hair is finally in proportion. Yes, you will still need hair clips, but the idea is to let the crown area grow out until your chin and then only let your hair at the back, grow out.

Eventually you will be able to tie a tiny ponytail which will then progress into a tiny bun and before you know it, you’re back to a ‘boring’ hairstyle.

But I’ve got some fun plans for my hair, so click on that ‘subscribe to email list’ option and you’ll be the first to know 🙂


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  2. hazm8 says:

    I found your post on Twitter! Thank you for writing this, it was fun to “experience” this with you. I’ve never had my hair shaved before but I’ve definitely had those awkward in-between phases after a short cut, your tips are something to think about in my next haircut!


  3. Lance says:

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