Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup a.k.a Re-purposing your Leftovers

So I was craving something warm and hearty (it was just feeling like a cosy day). I didn’t want to order noodle soup, because they are usually really oily & pretty tasteless. So I raided my fridge & gathered all the leftovers together to make this lip-smacking noodle soup. The portions I made was more…

Making Koka Noodles: Culinary Discoveries from Bhutan

Koka Noodles is something I discovered on a trip to Bhutan. It has a lighter, tangier flavour compared to Maggi, and the noodles themselves are lighter & don’t give you that stone-in-the-stomach feeling that Maggi does. So OBVIOUSLY I had to have it when I came back to India.  I loved the twist that the Bhutanese give to their Koka noodles & that’s what I’ve tried to recreate.