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  1. Mangala b says:

    Can I talk to you please… I am an aloysian…


  2. Ratan Mohunta says:

    Hi, Satshya

    Ratan sir here. Great to see you speakup the way I and a few others in the English department groomed, loved and expected you to while you were here. Thank you reacting so meaningfully to ridiculous and openly sexist mindset of medieval theologians. You have shown everyone what a true Aloysian can be: a woman for others. You have upheld the highest ideals of free speech by “speaking truth to power, ” to borrow Edward Said’s phrase, if I am right. I am with you, and I believe, the world is with you in this important crusade against sexist injustice.

    With Love
    Your beloved teacher


  3. Advanced Revenue Program says:

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