Sexist Rules in St. Aloysius PU College

Rules include: No high/low bun, no heavy kajal, no combing hair anywhere other than the ladies’ room
Rules say girls aren’t allowed to go out during the lunchbreak, or talk to boys from other classes during the break time

These pictures were circulating on WhatsApp groups and on Facebook since August 31 . Many were outraged, calling it ridiculous and poked fun at the college. Others professed how relieved they were that they weren’t studying there right now.

But what about the students who have to face these draconian rules?

I was furious when I saw these pictures. Students confirmed that these rules were in fact communicated to them by teachers during a closed-door meeting only for female students. College authorities however denied issuing any such official memo. 

I thought that St. Aloysius PU College would grow with the times but they clearly haven’t. 

I speak out now because I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did when I was studying there. I hadn’t spoken out earlier because I was scared of the repercussions at that time, but I think silence is complicity and I do not, and can not, support such blatantly sexist rules.


Mangalore, December 2011: We were sitting on the steps in college studying for the Class 11 French exam. 7 of us were huddled around a single French textbook, fervently hoping we’d remember the exceptions of the verb manger.

 A particularly tall friend of mine kept casting shadows on the book because he was standing, blocking the sun. Exasperated, we asked him to move and he sat down next to me. We continued our frantic last-minute prep, laughing as we came up with ways to remember different French words. 

Suddenly I heard someone calling me. I turned around to find a lab attendant gesturing to us. 

The Dean wanted to meet us in his office.

As we walked up the stairs to his office, I wondered what the meeting could be about and more importantly whether it would end in time for us to finish brushing through those ghastly verbs.

He started off with a belligerent “What were you two doing?”.

We looked at each other, confused.

“Studying for the test, Sir” I replied.

The conversation then took a bizarre turn.

Dean: “Is that the way to study?”

Me: “I don’t understand Sir. We were doing a group study for the French exam that’s going to start in sometime”

Dean: “That is not the way to study!”

Me: (completely baffled) “What Sir?”

Dean: “Is that what your parents taught you? To sit close together with boys?”

Me: “Err.. we were studying Sir. We had just one textbook so everyone was sharing it”

“This is a college! This is not the place to study!”, he screamed. 

At this moment my friend and I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be incredulous.

He then asked us to meet him after the exam.

This left me a little rattled, but I didn’t think too much of it. We went back to studying, but this time I made my friend stand even if it meant we had to peer at darkened pages.

After the exam, my friend went to meet him while I waited outside for my turn. He came out within a few minutes smiling and said that he wasn’t told much, just not to do group studies “like that” ever again.

So I thought that I too would be subjected to the same thing and calmly went inside.

The Dean asked me for my register number, pulled out my mark sheets and began scrutinising it. I was a reasonably good student, so I suppose he couldn’t find much fault there.

He pointed out a 78 I had scored in an English class test.

Dean: “Ha! Look at this. What kind of marks is this? You got 84 in the previous exam and a 78 in this one! See, this is where your ‘group studies’ are getting you.”

Me: “But Sir, that 78 was the highest score in the class”

At this point he probably didn’t expect a retort and was enraged.

Dean: “What do you mean highest? You are sitting with boys in the college. That is not right!”

He went on to berate my character and morals, his voice rising to a crescendo. Every unfair barb he threw at me made me feel powerless and frustrated.

We were raised to respect elders, so I held my tongue. But I couldn’t hold back my tears.

He stopped his tirade when he saw my eyes swelling up after a prolonged bout of crying. Satisfied that he had yelled me into submission, he ended with an ominous threat – “If I see you talking to boys again in the college, I’ll dismiss you from this college”

I was stunned. He was the Dean. He had the power to actually carry out his threat.

I was studying in a co-educational institution. The male-female ratio in my class was 5:1. Was I supposed to talk only to the 11 girls in my class? Must I ignore the 60 other classmates just because they were boys?

Did he expect me to suddenly shun all my friends just because they were boys?

How would I carry out my responsibilities as a Class Representative?

He dismissed me with a wave. “Today I am letting you go, otherwise I would have called your parents”

I was so angry I retorted, “Sir you don’t need to call my parents. I will call them myself and you can meet them tomorrow.”

He hadn’t expected this. This was usually the part where the student begged for mercy and forgiveness, promising all kinds of atonement but to please leave the parents out of this.

He fumbled, “No… no need to call them tomorrow. But if it happens again I will call them”

My voice was choked up from crying but I was adamant. My parents would meet him the next day.

I walked out of the room sobbing. I was angry that I let someone bully me like that. I was angry that I was given such a brow-beating and my friend was let off with just a joke. I was hurt because I felt like I had made some sort of huge mistake but I was confused because I could not understand why it was a mistake in the first place.

From a distance, my friend thought I was laughing and that the Dean had chided me lightly as with him. Only when he came closer did he realise I was sobbing.

My parents heard me out as I narrated the entire incident. They were immense pillars of support and met the Dean the very next day. In front of them as well, he tried to pull out my marks as a means of justification. My parents would have none of it. When I tried to explain what happened he pointed an angry finger at me – “You just keep quiet!”

I was angry. This meeting was about me, about what happened. He kept trying to defend his action, saying it was just a precaution as “other parents” had complained about boys and girls sitting together inside the campus. He kept referring to me as “She”, derision resonating with just that single syllable.

I have never felt as small or defeated as I did that day. My father calmly asked me to leave and as I walked down the corridor, heads popped out of passing classrooms curious to know what had happened.

I am so incredibly grateful to my parents for standing by me when other parents in the same situation would have usually taken the Dean’s side. I have heard accounts of when parents had even hit their child, to assure the Dean that they were serious about “disciplining” them.

Eventually it was “sorted out” with the Principal issuing an announcement: ‘While this is a co-educational college, one boy and one girl should not be found lurking around in the corners of the campus’

I tried to put the incident behind me and concentrated on completing the rest of my exams. But it has always stayed with me.

For a long time I would not let a boy sit next to me. If they told me I was crazy I’d just stand up and remain standing. I’d rather spend hours standing than being put through that humiliating experience ever again.

It changed the way I viewed male-female relationships for a while. Every boy and girl talking to each other seemed suspicious to me. To my horror I was becoming exactly what I had loathed. This is how the cycle of abuse continues.

It took me a while to calibrate within myself that male-female interactions are but normal. That nothing “more” needs to be attributed to a word, a look , an accidental touch or even a hi-five.


This is not me bashing my college. I loved studying in St. Aloysius PU College. It was the best 2 years of my life. My college instilled in me values of compassion and responsibility. They encouraged us to take part in so many extra-curricular activities, to take up leadership roles and to believe that we could do anything we set our mind to. 

But above everything else, I remember the friends I made. The very friends I was told not to talk to, have become like family now.

But draconian rules that dictate the terms of male-female interactions make the campus a hostile place. It goes against all the ideas of liberty and equality that the college says it stands for. I don’t think it is right for someone to be policed by such rules. 

How long will we passively keep accepting rules that are meant to break us? Are we to be reduced to mere machines meant only to churn out good marks?

 As a former student I strongly call for these rules to be revoked.

I demand that any rule be thought out with the care and sensitivity that must come with the responsibility of making ‘young men and women for others’ – as the College’s vision statement proudly declares.


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  1. Lizane says:

    You’ve voiced your opinion on point ! I’m so proud of you .
    You’ve spoken for many of us Aloysians .
    Thank you


  2. Zennon says:

    I’m glad you’ve spoken out satshya. As a former Aloysian I’m proud that someone had the guts to voice out the obvious sexism imposed on the students. I can’t speak for everyone but you have my support in this matter. These rules need to be revoked as they will cause more problems and solve none.


  3. Siddanth Sanil says:

    I was in 5th grade studying in Milagres primary school. My mom wanted to get my ear pierced and so did I.
    My computer teacher was really harsh to me. So I made sure ill inform my mum whats happening to me in school. As a responsible parent she did her bit to convince the teacher not to punish me frequently. This caught the priests attention who was our principal. Father Lawrence. He called me the next day. Instead of asking what mu problem was in computer class, he started mocking about my ear stud and the black kada (bangle type). He asked me to put on Salwaar kameez because the ear stud made me look like a girl.
    We are not progressing because judgemental assholes like Father Lawrence put us down. I’m really happy that you are questioning such lame and sexist rules.

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  4. Rocky Dcosta says:

    Great to hear you speak out about such pathetic situation on campus. I haven’t been to St Aloysius but I am pretty sure this is the case in most of the dchools and universities across India. Glad you raised the issue!!! Cheers


  5. Pratap Rao says:

    How do we run institutions without rules? College gets blames if things move beyond a point. Shouldn’t the college be issuing guidelines? That Dean may have been slightly out of the way guy. One does not have to be rude in maintaining order. He could have used a polite way. How does one call these laws sexist? What is the purpose of a college?


    1. Can you see 80 percent of the rules is for girls. And these kinds of the rules give rise to gender discrimination. It’s like clearly saying again same old thing ‘the way the girl wears or presents herself provokes a guy’. Is that what a college supposed to teach?

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    2. sana says:

      In reply to your question how these rules are sexist? Well female students are not allowed to go out for lunch whereas male students can leave campus!!wt kind of equality r u referring to here!?


    3. cameoserrao says:

      These rules are obviously put in place to maintain decorum. There’s nothing wrong with having a set of rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly as the reputation of the college is at stake here. But having said that, it is also important to read and understand the kind of rules that are now put in place. Girls cannot go out for lunch while the boys can, for example, shows the bizarre nature of these senseless rules. The fact that these rules were discussed with students in a closed door meeting prove that they are wrong. I would question the mindset of the people who put down these rules. These rules are opposite of progress and will have more negative effect than positive.


    4. Pratap, like Sana said, most of these “rules” only apply to women. Where is the rule that talks about guys buttoning up their shirts and how they should keep their hair styled and how they’re not allowed to go to pubs and parties?
      And no, these are not guidelines for fuck sake. An educational institute needs to mold individuals and prepare them to enter the real world. Banning the union of opposite sexes leads to a situation where these individuals don’t know how to behave or carry themselves in front of men/women after school/college. I once had a young female intern who worked with me, and was shy to even talk to our graphic designer to convey my messages to him.
      Colleges can have dress codes (no sleeveless/skirts/whatever) but they cannot dictate hairstyles, tattoos and even makeup. They should instead be encouraging individuality and asking people to be themselves and find themselves.


    5. ek insaan says:

      Uncle, do you know what the word “sexist” means? Looks like you don’t. Use dictionary.

      How would you feel if principal imposed a rule on you and only other uncles that you can’t walk around with your pot-belly showing because it is so offensive? Suppose they impose a rule on you that you and only other uncles, not women, have to wear a tight belt to cover up your pot-belly?

      Rules are of course needed to maintain discipline in an educational institution. But those rules have to be within reason. They have to treat students as responsible, equal citizens of India. Those rules have to apply to ALL students equally, not ONLY girl students.


    6. The purpose of a college is to educate individuals, not dictate their lifestyles. And if things do get out of way, it is first the fault of the individuals involved, their parents and then comes the college. The next thing you know, students are banned from bringing their vehicles to college because, you know, accidents can happen.


    7. Ihateyoudude says:

      Make such rules then students will go to the corners to talk and yes you’ll be the first person commenting then on those guys. Get a life .. college can teach without making such rules ..aren’t there other colleges running without such rules?


    8. Zederzed says:

      These aren’t rules you moron. Stuff like this is seen in countries like Saudi Arabia and North Korea.
      Ever heard of Sharia Law? Do the rules posted by OP seem similar to that crap? Yeah, don’t they? Let that sink in a little.


    9. Vikas S Bhat says:

      We don’t have a problem with the rules that are constructive. Rules like boy/girl not allowed to talk to a group of girls/boys are sexist and ridiculous, not to mention destructive. By no means am I saying that everything is okay. But these rules exist just so that people with “power” can abuse it and impose their backward mindset.
      One goes to a college for learning. And learning involves listening to/teaching others, irrespective of any discrimination. And learning includes knowing how to communicate with one another. Especially to the opposite sex. How else will we be informed of how others’ opinions, mindset and values are shaped, and of how even if living in the same environment does not imply the same treatment. Being cultured is well and good as long as the culture is not oppressive.

      P.S: The incident described in narrative above is set during an exam. Who has the time to flirt while studying for an exam that’s about to be taken?


  6. Glen says:

    Heyy Satshya… Well said!!

    You have spoken on behalf of all the students as well as the ex- Aloysian’s too.. !! I think these so called RULES are meaningless and stupid which goes against the vision statement of the college itself and the freedom of an individual.

    If the college has so much of problem then why not make it only a Girls PU college or a Boys PU college ?? Why Co ed??? And what about batches which are having just one or two girls in some of the science batches?? Do those girls have to sit like aliens without talking to any one because all the rest are boys?? Really pathetic ??

    I really wonder who made these rules ??
    1. Hahahaha Woahhh No high bun or low bun !!! Really ? Y the boys get seduced?

    2. And could someone define how much should be the intimate space be? ?

    3. No celebrating birthdays? Even in canteen ? I think next rule is – No celebrating birthdays in the house!!

    4. The best one – Girls should not visit boys of other class !! At least in Jail people are allowed to meet and talk !! My personal suggestion don’t organize any activities, fests, musical evenings !!



  7. Aamer Faiz says:

    New money making strategy by aloysius. Why the hell have they made co-education if we cant communicate with each other. I suggest everyone not to follow these rules.


  8. Pizza says:

    Sadly, St.Aloysius PU College has not grown with time and I’m a student of the same institution…Even I was screwed for wearing an ear stud as a part of my custom. Glad that you raised the issue.


  9. aamina says:

    Let me be honest. Except for the brand name it isn’t a great college. Seen and heard of better colleges.
    Female ex student. I rate it 1 out of 5.


  10. These are the kind of rules which pave way for narrow mindedness. We’re taught gender equality in a co-ed environment only to be crushed down and pressurised to live as per ‘societal norms’. When everything is looked upon with doubt, innocent relationships are destroyed. Curiosity rises with such nasty rules which tends to make matters worse.

    I’m glad Satshya that through the power of words, you’ve penned down your mind. I’m hoping that more people will sit and ponder this over.

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  11. Preethika says:

    Glad that you spoke on behalf of all AlOySiAns..
    Thank you


  12. Situationsolver says:

    What I believe is – the more yu avoid a person from doing something, the more the ambition to do it.
    You stop boys and girls from communicating. And soon they’ll find a way to communicate somehow. If not having friendly healthy conversations in college they will have conversations through technology and further meet in private !

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  13. V-man says:

    Some of these rules are ok(like the makeup one) but most of them are down right unfair, it seems even the best institutions still follow the old Indian system of gender descrimination. It’s just sad that people still follow these rules. We should revolt. #AloysianRevolution


  14. Joel Martis says:

    I can’t believe that Aloysius is going to shit. More than a hundred years of proud heritage down the drain. If there was any reason to join Aloysius, it was the culture and freedom it gave. I mean, there was no place for academics in Aloysius during my time, but at least the place engendered free thought and a cosmopolitan culture. I really hope that this pictures posted here are not true.


  15. mangalore memes says:

    end of a 135 year old college’s reputation . they arent just being sexists… they have problems when people mock about their stupidity on the internet . no memes allowed about the college :/


  16. A Dean once asked me if I am a ‘man’ all because I said I do not like to ‘play around’. He always made me uncomfortable because he would pass lewd comments about me and every girl I was with. Since he knew me well I was spared from the insults n all which he would award other students for being seen with students of the opposite sex. However, these supposed to be ‘friendly’ comments disturbed me a lot. And my friends too. This is the same guy who would catch other students in the katte and shout at them for ‘indecent’ behavior such as touching, hugging, laughing, talking, existing etc


  17. cameoserrao says:

    I’m glad you decided to write this down, questioning the direction this college is headed! The people who wrote these set of crap rules must feel very proud of themselves, forcing everyone to follow what they believe are norms of society! The word norms means normal /standar


  18. Wilson says:

    Aloysius, I won’t be surprised if ua building a nazi army in future.I mean grow up to be a matured college!! Not by laying down stupid rules.You’ll are ruining everything as years pass by.


  19. Vikram Rai says:

    Good Rules it should be implement in all colleges and dressing sense very good.Rules it should be to talk in Prime Minister Modi it should Talk in Parliament and it should Implement all the Colleges and Schools in the States not only in single states The Rule is Applicable For All colleges so that Girls Are safe From Boys


    1. ek insaan says:

      Uncle, why are you looking at what girls are wearing? Don’t you have shame?


    2. Aanchal says:

      People like you make me sick. “girls are safe from boys”? If that is your argument, shouldn’t the rules be established FOR the boys?


    3. yajna93 says:

      * aapke comments reek of utter *


    4. yajna93 says:

      * by the\that skeptical (or liar ――――― whichever be applicable for particular different individual situations) concerned\associated\related female person. *


  20. PRAVEEN says:

    My humble request…..first let us establish the authenticity of this so called “college notification”. Does it contain the seal and signature of the administrative authority? before enagaing in debate, criticism, it is good to establish asking fundamental question IS THIS JUST A PIECE OF(DOCTORED) PAPER OR WHETHER THE DOCUMENT IS AUNTHENTICATED ONE HAVING THE SEAL AND SIGNATURE OF THE AUTHORITY CONCERNED? SO AS TO ESTABLISH BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT THAT THE ABOVE MENTIONED NOTIFICATION IS REAL AND SO DESERVES TO BE DEBATED AND ARGUED.


    1. Anita says:

      You do hv a point and reasoning capacity …! As I know St Aloysius college such things and rules seem to be very silly…! Everybody is raising their opinion based on some piece of paper..! As far as ex students and their experiences concerned I wouldn’t like to comment. But yes this piece of paper…. I hv doubts…!


  21. anshurao says:

    The rules are outrageous, but not really shocking to me, considering the general attitude of adults in this country. Far from condemning this, I’m sure a lot of school and college staff will agree with this, which is pretty sad considering that they’re ruining lives. Good luck , keep fighting, hope this gets enough attention to shame the authorities.

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  22. DX says:

    Am a student stdyng in St.alloysius presently… The rules which the clg has made is choking the young minds.. The sole purpose of these so called ‘rules’ is just to earn money… I really regret being a part of St alloysius…The college motto itself says “forming men and women for others”.what the heck can we give to society when we are nurtured infact tortured by these narrow minded goons… My appeal to ppl around is to boycott this college..


    1. yajna93 says:

      L·O·L·, so you mean to say that these dumbfrig rules have been formed so as to financially extort the students? nope, much rather, i think its actually their antiquated and stereotyped and rabid mentality\beliefs\mindsets which actually is the one speaking here.


  23. Disclaimer: I am neither a sexist nor a feminist nor an escapist!

    Rules need to exist in any organizations for the general benefit of its members.
    That said, these rules are made by people numbly following their idea of an ideal society. These rules are not only sexist but also logically flawed. If you did not want opposite genders to interact, why establish a co-education? If you do not encourage a healthy interaction between girls and guys in your campus you are forcing lonely guys to become creepy stalkers. You are forcing timid girls to become insecure and fearful of men. You are indirectly encouraging sexual violence and the portion of rapes which do not go on record because the girl feels ostracized. I am shocked that an educational institution can be so backward with its approach to the campus environment.
    I used to be a proud ex- aloysian. Now I am an ex-aloysian.


  24. Rationalist says:

    A lot of you do not understand how the world and rules work. And also rights of institutions.

    Technically private institutions can do whatever rules they like simply because it’s their premises. It’s like my house my rules.

    If you don’t like the rules don’t study in that institution. But atleast respect rules of the owner of the place as you would in someone else’s home.


    1. Joel Martis says:

      Dear Rationalist,

      I don’t think ‘my house my rules’ applies if it doesn’t conform with the laws of the nation. For example, Aloysius cannot beat students up for misbehaving in class. This corresponds to physical abuse.

      But that’s beside the point. All of us agree that Aloysius can make these rules up. That’s not what we’re arguing about. We are worried about the fact that these rules are taking us back to the past, which was not very good after all. It does not make sense to us that Aloysius, after having been liberal for so many years, suddenly decides to implement rules that would be considered outrageous in the developed world. It hurts us to know that Aloysius, after having proudly proclaimed its coeducational system, brings up immensely sexist rules. I am beginning to doubt what the institution stands for.

      I don’t think these rules command respect, at least not from me. I might tolerate them while I am inside the institute, but I cannot in my right mind respect them.


    2. Good point, But you do realize parents pay fees to the college on the promise that the college would instill a sense of good citizenship in their wards, not seeds of sexism and gender bias. What you are saying sounds ridiculous in that the management has made these rules without a sense of rationale and it has come to a point where the students have to point this out to them.


  25. Ronald Mendonca, Career Coach @Smart solutions, Mangalore says:

    What you went through as a girl (alone) in a chamber of a male administrator of the college and he using derogatory words – Don’t you think it amounts to sexual harassment of women?. To quote from what you have written-“He went on to berate my character and morals, his voice rising to a crescendo. Every unfair barb he threw at me made me feel powerless and frustrated”.
    Institutions should keep in mind while calling girl students for a disciplinary talk/discussion they need to have a lady professor in the room and if it is not done – Is it not against the law?. Why two separate rules for men and women, why such discrimination?. College has every right to discipline through counselling the students- Do your college has appointed a certified counselor?. Colleges of repute while acquiring students use all tactics to attract them and harass students in this form- under the name of discipline, and they are not bothered to think about young minds and what pain and agony they are inflicting. What your college PTA has been doing? It’s just a shame! Parents we bring up our children(Girls) not to be ridiculed , we need to protect their respect and Institutions heads need to know laws of the land and specially the sexual harassment act. I appreciate you for bringing out the cowardly act of the so called dean – he should be put into trial. This institution is governed by Jesuits and do superiors of this institution know what is happening and do people associated in schools/colleges follow Jesuit suggestions on education?.
    A. Jesuit education is a call to human excellence – to the fullest possible development of all human qualities. It is a call to critical thinking and disciplined studies, a call to develop the whole person, head and heart, intellect and feelings. Jesuit education strives to give learners ongoing development of their imagination, feelings, conscience and intellect, and to encourage and help them recognize new experiences as opportunities to further growth. Learners see service to others as more self-fulfilling than personal success or prosperity.
    2. CURA PERSONALIS (Personal Care)-Insists on individual care and concern for each person, emphasizes activity on the part of the students and encourages life- long openness to growth.
    3. Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J, Superior General of the Society of Jesus says- “We aim to form leaders in service, men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment.” Forming Young men and women for others
    Hope things will be set right soon


    1. yajna93 says:

      ///// What you went through as a girl (alone) in a chamber of a male administrator of the college and he using derogatory words – Don’t you think it amounts to sexual harassment of women?. To quote from what you have written-“He went on to berate my character and morals, his voice rising to a crescendo. Every unfair barb he threw at me made me feel powerless and frustrated”.
      Institutions should keep in mind while calling girl students for a disciplinary talk/discussion they need to have a lady professor in the room and if it is not done – Is it not against the law?. /////

      ^^ you yourself are exhibiting sexism and gender inequality here [do you think calling someone’s sexual character to be flawed\bad is sexual harassment? nope, it certainly is a violation against the one whose character is getting humiliated, but this deed surely ain’t sexual harassment] and yet you immediately have written in your very next sentence
      //// Why two separate rules for men and women, why such discrimination?. ////

      waah !! such gender biased hypocrisy !!!

      a person writes
      //// Institutions should keep in mind while calling girl students for a disciplinary talk/discussion they need to have a lady professor in the room and if it is not done – Is it not against the law? ////
      and then in the very next sentence writes
      //// Why two separate rules for men and women, why such discrimination?. //// !!!!!

      the one who wants separate rules for women and men, HERSELF is protesting against separate rules for men and women.

      and what the hell were you trying to mean by //// Why two separate rules for men and women, why such discrimination?. //// ?? do you wish to insinuate and falsely allege that when schools having female principals\headmams call the male students for disciplinary talk\discussion they keep a male teacher in the room ??? THEN WHAT THE HELL were you prattling when you wrote separate rules for men and women that thing ????


  26. Non-Aloysian says:

    Well I ain’t an Aloysian but the way these so called “Rules” have been enforced its typically Against the nature of Humanity. Why sow the seeds of Gender Bias in those nurturing Minds? Why enforce rules only On a certain Gender…. Rules should be enforced on Both Gender..
    Rules Should be done and enforced to help those young Minds nurture.
    The more “special rules” wil be created and enforced, the more DIFFERENCE AND PARTIALITY will arise and this inturn Will create “Special Difference” between All the Students may it be a Male or Female or the Rich and Poor….


  27. Zederzed says:

    Why aren’t people boycotting this school? Isn’t it better to just leave and look for a better place than to stay and slowly die on the inside due to the pressure of the rules? Without students themselves these rules will be totally redundant and disposable. They’ll probably throw them in the trashcan themselves after that.


  28. RedSky says:

    What in the deep pits of hell is the point of co-education then?


  29. sneha manai says:

    I totally understand u… I feel most colleges in mangalore are like this. And this makes people narrow minded… it makes u think that a guy and a girl can never be jus friends.. but that’s really a very wrong notion… I have several best friends who are guys.. and we never had any sexual attraction towards each other… even now after my marriage these guys are still my friends and are really close to my husband as well.. we are all like family…


  30. The Big St Aloysius U-Turn

    St Aloysius College defends gender-biased rules despite flak on social media
    Kevin Mendonsa | Sep 3, 2016, 07.25 PM IST

    And one day later

    St Aloysius College denies ‘discriminatory’ rules
    September 04, 2016, Mangaluru, DHNS


  31. Ishika says:

    Another similar incident was faced by me. I and 2 girls and one male fiend of ours were standing in 1st floor Loyola block corridor and were laughing about some silly joke. The kannada lecturer ” Ganesh Amin” who was not even our teacher walked into the corridor from some adjacent classroom. As he wasn’t our lecturer, we didn’t greet him but just became silent. He looked at us suspiciously and asked us to meet him in his chamber. He took away the notebook which was in the guy friend’s hand and walked away. We followed him and he gave the morals and culture lecture. He actually commented on the guy that, “Do u think of yourself as Lord Krishna? Doing raas leela with 3 girls?” And became increasingly vulgar and ugly and yelled that we disrespected him. While we just stood in shock and mute without any response. He didn’t even try to hear us out. He asked some general things and asked me and my friend to DANCE WITHOUT MUSIC if we wanted the book back. He said, ” I WILL CLAP AND YOU CAN DANCE IF U WANT THE BOOK, AFTER-ALL YOU SEEM TO LIKE DOING RAAS-LEELA” Somehow we did not cry and walked away. It has been 7-8 years since that incident but i can never forget the humiliation.


  32. Soum says:

    I would have banged that idiot’s head to the wall!


  33. anonymous says:

    was it the chemistry dean or the computer science dean? or any other?


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